Flame Tarts

Scampi Flame Tart
Cream, onions, scampi, garlic oil, dried tomatoes
17,50 €
Forest Flame Tart 🌱
Cream, onions, mushrooms, Berdorfer cheese with pepper and parsley
15,00 €
Traditional Flame Tart
Cream, onions, bacon
15,00 €
Nordic Flame Tart
Cream, smoked salmon, oregano, capers, red onions
20,00 €

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Garlic Scampi
Fried in butter, garlic and parsley
11,50 €
Mixed Platter
Mixed platter with cheese, Riesling pâté, pork ham with bread and butter
17,50 €
Gromperekichelcher with raw Ham
2 homemade deep-fried potato cakes with raw ham
9,50 €
Gromperekichelcher with smoked Salmon
2 homemade deep-fried potato cakes with smoked salmon, sour cream
12,00 €

Lenster's Most Wanted

Kniddele mat Speck
Cream and bacon sauce
18,50 €
Kniddele mat Geméis 🌱
Seasonal vegetables
17,00 €
Veggie Falafel Burger 🌱
Falafel, guacamole, raw vegetables, pickles and sweet potato fries
18,50 €
Traditional bouchée à la reine, French fries
21,50 €
Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken fillet, Caesar sauce, parmesan, raw vegetables, French fries
19,50 €
Surf and Turf
Tagliata Rumsteak, shrimps, garlic butter and fries
28,00 €
Lënster Cordon Bleu
Turkey stuffed with local cooked ham and Roude Bouf cheese, mushroom sauce and French fries
24,00 €
Lënster Burger
100% beef steak, Berdorfer cheese, pepper mayonnaise, raw vegetables, French fries
21,00 €


Salads and Cold Dishes

Chicken Salad
Mixed salad, grilled chicken fillet, parmesan, croutons, tomatoes and Caesar dressing
20,50 €
Beef Tartare
Homemade, served with French fries
19,50 €
Scampi Salad
Mixed salad, garlic scampi, avocado, tomatoes, oranges, parsley, citrus dressing
22,50 €
Ham, Fritten an Zalot
Duo of ham served with French fries and salad
20,50 €
Gromperekichelcher with smoked Salmon
4 homemade deep-fried potato cakes with smoked salmon, sour cream
20,50 €
Gromperekichelcher with raw Ham
4 homemade deep-fried potato cakes with raw ham and pickles
17,50 €


Kniddele mat Speck
Kniddelen in a cream and bacon sauce
10,00 €
Kids Burger
Served with French fries
13,50 €


Mixed salad
Green salad with citrus dressing
4,00 €
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